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The dog's hearing and sensitivity often "scare" you

Publisher: Aoli Food Release time: 2017/5/22 17:20:34

The dog's hearing and sensitivity often "scare" you
The dog's hearing ability is second only to its sense of smell. Dogs can hear sounds 12-14 days after birth. The hearing is much better than humans. That is because dogs can hear high-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear. Therefore, the sound that humans think is good, and dogs may not sound like torture. In addition to being able to hear more sounds, dogs can listen farther than humans, and can more accurately determine the source of the sound. No wonder the dogs raised their ears and listened.
The reason why dogs' hearing is more sensitive than that of humans is derived from the need for alert hearing to protect themselves from harm in the wild era, and gradually evolved special hearing functions, which are related to the location and structure of their ears. In addition, dogs can hear a much wider range of sounds than humans, causing them to be alert instincts.
In addition to hearing better than humans, dogs can also hear many sounds that we can't hear. Some breeds of dogs can even receive audio up to 120,000 hertz (Hz), while humans can only hear 200,000-20,000 hertz.
Humans usually speak at a frequency of about 2 kHz, and dogs and we can hear them. But when dogs talk, we don't hear them. Maybe that's how they communicate with themselves.

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